Cover Photo: This photograph is a close up of a piece of white notebook paper. In handwriting, we see the phrase: "Am I good enough?" Enough is underlined for emphasis.
Photograph by Hello I'm Nik/Unsplash

Self-Doubt and the Submission Process

In the first installment of this three-part column, Eva Recinos explores how we can get out of our own heads and into a space where we can submit work

This probably won’t work out for me, but let me try anyway

Shouldn’t you be better at this by now? Why is it taking you so long to write this draft? So-and-so is super prolific; why aren’t you?



Eva Recinos is a Los Angeles-based editor and writer. Her profiles, features and reviews have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, GOOD, The Guardian, KCET Artbound, Art21, Bitch, Jezebel and more. Her essays have appeared in Electric Literature, PANK, Blood Orange Review, Catapult, Refinery29 and more. She was a 2019 Idyllwild Writer's Week Nonfiction Fellow and a 2021 Pen America Emerging Voices Fellowship finalist. Eva runs a free monthly newsletter for creatives called Notes from Eva.

Photograph by Elaine Torres