Cover Photo: This photograph is mostly out of focus, other than a healthy indoor plant in the right hand corner. Past the plant, we see a laptop open on a table, and its out-of-focus screen shows the panels of a video call.
Photograph by Sigmund/Unsplash

Making Space for Writing in 2020

A new life can grow inside a book once you realize you’re not making it all for yourself.

End Meeting for All

re interested in reading the work generated in Lynn’s 12-Month Novel Generator, find excerpts from some of the graduates of the program below:

Claudia Cravens

Annabelle Larsen

Cherry Lou Sy

Kristin Vukovic

Alex Zafiris

Lynn Steger Strong's first novel, Hold Still, was released by Liveright/WW Norton in March 2016. She received an MFA from Columbia University and her non-fiction has been published in Guernica, LARB,, Catapult, Lit Hub, and elsewhere. She teaches both fiction and non-fiction writing at Columbia University, Fairfield University, and the Pratt Institute. Lynn's second novel, Want, is forthcoming from Henry Holt in spring 2020.