Cover Photo: In this photograph, we are looking into a small kitchen: pushed up against a fridge, we see an old oven, whose stovetop balances a shiny pot and kettle. There are towels and rags and old plastic bags hung from the oven's handles and scattered across the floor. A butter-yellow door opens on the right of the photo, mirroring a yellow door opening to a different room behind the kitchen. The light coming in through the windows is also butter-yellow.
Photograph by Ivan Yeo/Unsplash

Let’s Talk About Imagery

It’s hard to talk about love without clichés, but what about images you associate with love? Poet José Olivarez shares lessons on imagery learned from country music.

Forever After All

José Olivarez is the son of Mexican immigrants and the author of the book of poems, Citizen Illegal. Along with Felicia Chavez and Willie Perdomo, he is co-editing the forthcoming anthology, The BreakBeat Poets Vol. 4: LatiNEXT. He is the co-host of the poetry podcast, The Poetry Gods and a recipient of fellowships from CantoMundo, Poets House, the Bronx Council on the Arts, the Poetry Foundation, and the Conversation Literary Festival. His work has been featured in The New York Times, The Paris Review, and elsewhere.