Cover Photo: We see a photograph of two hands shaking against a mellow yellow background. The hands look as if they might be older men and one hand is a few tones paler than the other. This photograph is showed three times in a row and the wrists connect at the end of the picture, as if part of a hand-shaking rope
Photograph by Ave Calvar/Unsplash

Let Translation Guide You Into Writing

Check out this writing and reading exercise from classes instructor Poupeh Missaghi

’s upcoming course, Reading Translation as Writers

Poupeh Missaghi is a creative writer, scholar, editor, and translator (between English and Persian). Her debut novel trans(re)lating house one was published in 2020 (Coffee House Press) and her translation of Nasim Marashi’s novel I’ll Be Strong for You in 2021 (Astra House). She has a PhD in English and Literary Arts from the University of Denver; an MA in Creative Writing from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD; and an MA in Translation Studies and a BA in Translation Practice from Azad University, Tehran. She has taught at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, City University of New York, and Pacific Northwest College of Arts, Portland, OR. She works in prose—innovative and hybrid prose, nonfiction, and fiction—as well as translation, and is currently an assistant professor at the English Department of the University of Denver.