Cover Photo: an illustration of a table and chairs; table has resting on it a vase of orange and yellow flowers, a multicolored stack of books, a cup of coffee in a yellow mug, and a yellow book standing upright that has the Catapult name and logo visible on the cover
Illustration by Eliza Harris for Catapult

“You only have to find one editor who shares your vision”: A Conversation with Jonathan Lee, Editor in Chief of Catapult Books

“The goal isn’t to please the whole world.”

High DiveThe New York Times, The New Yorker, The GuardianThe Great Mistake

Sea MonstersCelestial BodiesSpirit RunWhite Tears/ Brown ScarsHigh As The Waters RiseBlack SundayFake Accounts


Illustration of Jonathan Lee by Kristen Radtke

Neon In Daylight TheNew York TimesReservoir 13

How many words did he write in this book? Eighty thousand? That’s huge! Congrats!

Nicole Chung is the author of All You Can Ever Know, a national bestseller and finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award, and the new memoir A Living Remedy. Find her on Twitter: @nicolesjchung