Cover Photo: On the left is an image of the cover of Anna Qu's book, "Made in China." The book cover is bright yellow and has a large pair of rusted metal scissors positioned to cut three threads. On the right is Anna Qu, a woman with chin-length dark hair looking to the left of the frame and smiling.
Photograph by Alex Pedigo; book jacket by Catapult

“My personal story needs to give way to something greater”: A Conversation with Anna Qu

“I don’t want the reader to walk away feeling the cruelties that have been inflicted on me; the stake isn’t my personal pain.”

Made in ChinaMade in China

Made in China

Made in China

The Good Earth

The Making of Asian America

Julie Chen's fiction and personal essays have been published in Hobart, The Margins, X-R-A-Y, and CHEAP POP. She also writes poetry, and makes music under the name Slime Queen. She is a Fulbright Fellow and a graduate of Princeton University.