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How BookTok Is Changing Publishing

For our Social Media Week series, Cecilia Beard explains how BookTok makes it possible for people outside the traditional delineation of the publishing industry to propel any book to success.

What My Mother and I Don’t Talk About: Fifteen Writers Break the Silenceinitial tweet

“What My Mother and I Don’t Talk About,”What My Mother and I Don’t Talk About33.7 million

started gaining traction in April 2020Backlist titles have reached new heights of successThe Atlas SixBarnes and Noble

A Little LifeThe Night Circus not


cultural gatekeeperstastemakersThe New York Times Book Review NPR Reese’s stickers or hankered for Emma Roberts’s next Belletrist pick. 


BookTok has unparalleled reachbeyondTikTok’s algorithm

The Portrait of a MirrorWhite Negroes So Sad Today

A coverGirlhoodSister OutsiderIf I Had Your Face




Cecilia is a writer and social media enthusiast based in Brooklyn. Originally from Wilmington, NC, she is also an avid reader, runner, and go-outside-er.