Cover Photo: In this photograph, we see a close up of the miniature that Zefyr describes in the piece. The viewers look into a tiny room with printed wall paper, a fireplace, a table, a dresser, and a couch on which a doll lays crookedly, with his head bashed in.
Photograph courtesy of Zefyr Lisowski

Grieving My Father—And My Book—By Building a Dollhouse

My book haunted me, as did Lizzie Borden. I thought by making something with my hands, I could transform that fear into care.

Blood Box. mymy

This photograph shows a close up of the wall of the dollhouse, where we see the picture that Zefyr described placing on the wall (of the father's own crime scene) above the doll laid out on the couch, blood spatters above his head.
photograph courtesy of the author

This photograph is a close up of the doll reclining on the couch. We see the gouge marks and blood spatters on his face and on the wall and the couch behind him.
photograph courtesy of the author

This photograph is a close up of the floorboards and rug the in the diorama. A tiny mirror shows us a peek of Lizzie's father's shoes hanging off the couch.
photograph courtesy of the author

You are not my daughter.Because you grew up with a sister who had died before you, because we did not hide it from you, that is why you’re fucking up your body.Your mother’s inability to conceal her grief is why your gender and sexuality is wrong.

Blood Box

Zefyr Lisowski is a disabled trans Southerner living in New York City. She’s a poetry co-editor at Apogee Journal and the author of the Lizzie Borden queer murder chapbook Blood Box (Black Lawrence Press 2019). Her work has appeared in Waxwing, The Offing, The Rumpus, and many other places. She lives at and elsewhere.