Cover Photo: This photograph shows a person with silver nail polish looking a tax documents spread out on white floorboards.
Photograph by Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash

Financial Advice for the Freelancer

For our Money Week series, Nicole Dieker answers commonly-asked questions from freelance writers

When do I need to start paying taxes?

Form 1040, Schedule 1

Form 1040, Schedule CCPAquarterly estimated taxes

How do I know whether my freelance career is a hobby or a business?

nine-step guideand

When do I need a business license?

When do I need a permit to work from home?

When do I need a CPA?

When do I need to set up an LLC?

become an LLC or a S-Corp

How much can I expect to earn as a freelancer?

How can I maximize my freelance earnings?

When should I renegotiate my rates?

When should I drop a freelance client?

When should I quit my day job and freelance full-time?

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