Don’t Write Alone

How Do You Design a Book Cover?

A roundtable discussion with the design department of ‘Catapult Books.’

May 25, 2022
Finding My Authentic Voice as a Late-Diagnosed Autistic Writer

I had always used writing to try and make sense of myself, without realizing just how much of this was a way of processing a divergent experience of the world.

May 24, 2022
How to Pivot from Writing Short Stories to Novels

If you’ve written short stories and are figuring how to get started on a novel, Erin Flanagan has some tips to help you get started.

May 23, 2022
A Conversation about ‘Murder at Teal’s Pond: Hazel Drew and the Mystery That Inspired Twin Peaks’

Co-authors David Bushman and Mark Givens talk about their book and how to use research as a tool.

I Went to Medical School and Came Out a Writer

Literature and medicine are not opposed pursuits but rather one in the same endeavor to find sense in messy, human stories.

May 18, 2022
“I’m not very good at hating things”: A Conversation with Elamin Abdelmahmoud

The writer and podcaster discusses his new book ‘Son of Elsewhere,’ taking pop culture seriously, and not inviting his Twitter self to the writing party.

May 17, 2022
For Ada Limón, We’re All the Hurting Kind

In this interview, Eliza Harris speaks with Ada Limón about her new poetry collection, the failure of language, and finding the will to begin again.

May 16, 2022
Can Fiction Help Solve the Ethical Problems of True Crime?

True crime wants us to believe that our monsters are individual, not systemic—the errant serial killer rather than a violent and inequitable culture.

May 12, 2022
What It Takes to Make a Living As a Working-Class Writer

I was often housing insecure; sometimes even homeless. I’ve had fewer opportunities to publish and I do so at a higher cost.

May 11, 2022
Matt Bell Is a Student (and Teacher) of Writing

In this interview, Ruth Joffre talks with Matt Bell about his new craft book ‘Refuse to Be Done,’ interactive storytelling, building a craft library, and more.

May 10, 2022
In Praise of the Pomodoro, or Finding Writing Freedom Through Constraints

You might surprise yourself at how much you’re able to accomplish in short, focused periods of twenty-five minutes.

May 09, 2022
Writing Jobs in Media and Publishing

This list of job opportunities for writers is updated at least twice a month. Bookmark this page to say up to date on new postings!

May 06, 2022
As an Indigenous Writer, I Push and Protect My Readers, My People, and Myself

Redactions can be both silence and explanation. They function purely on my own terms and for my audience, my community.

May 05, 2022
2022 Submission and Freelance Writing Opportunities

Here’s a full list of submission and freelancing opportunities we’ve shared in 2022, updated at least twice a month. Bookmark this list to stay up to date on new postings!

May 04, 2022
How Working with Libraries Can Help Sell Your Books

A librarian shares a step-by-step guide on how writers can grow their audience and promote their books by pitching a talk to their local library—and beyond.

May 04, 2022
Pyae Moe Thet War Knows What Makes a Good Essay

In this interview, Tajja Isen talks to Pyae Moe Thet War about her new collection ‘You’ve Changed,’ finding her voice as a writer, and publishing a book on her own terms.

May 03, 2022
Little by Little, Toni Mirosevich Returns to a Place Where People Are People

In this conversation, Ploi Pirapokin talks with Toni Mirosevich about her new short story collection ‘Spell Heaven,’ the art of bullshitting, and the fluidity of genre.

May 02, 2022
These Essays That Started Out as Tweets Will Inspire You to Write—or Tweet, I Guess

“This article ended up being one of my favorite assignments ever—and all from a little bit of shameless public thirsting on Twitter.”

Apr 29, 2022
“You don’t have to do social media if you hate it”: A Q&A with Marketing Director Rachel Fershleiser

As part of our Social Media Week series, Rachel Fershleiser debunks the myths of marketing and social media and shares tips for how to build an authentic online presence.

Apr 28, 2022
Promoting Your Book When the World Is On Fire

Promotion—especially self-promotion—doesn’t always feel easy. So how do we do it? For Social Media Week, literary agent Mina Hamedi helps us make room for celebration.

Apr 28, 2022