Don’t Write Alone

A Person of Color’s Guide to Navigating Writing Residencies

For our Application Week series, Hannah Bae writes about applying to and attending writing residencies as a person of color—along with tips from about ten other writers who identify as BIPOC.

Aug 17, 2022
How to Apply for Grants and Residencies

As part of our Application Week series, Jasmine Dreame Wagner writes about putting together your strongest proposal to get funding for your work-in-progress.

Pursue Your Writing Project with a Grant or Fellowship

Are you a writer looking to apply for a grant? Here are a few opportunities you might be interested in that we are sharing for our Application Week series.

Aug 16, 2022
A Fully Funded MFA Doesn’t Mean Financial Security

As part of our Application Week series, Katerina Ivanov Prado writes about financial insecurity while pursuing her MFA, community, and resilience.

So You Want to Apply for an MFA

For our Application Week series, MFA directors and professors discuss common misconceptions, how they support students, and answer that ubiquitous question: Is getting an MFA worth it?

Aug 15, 2022
Ten Chapbook Contests Open for Submissions

If you’re a writer with a small collection of poetry, essays, fiction, or hybrid work, enter these contests for a chance to win publication, a cash prize, and more.

Aug 10, 2022
You Don’t Write Alone

We learn from other books. When younger writers only want to write and not read, I worry that their books will lack the depth that literature’s history supplies.

Aug 09, 2022
The Power of “What If”

Speculative fiction is fueled by curiosity and questions. Try your hand at starting a new work (or building on something you’ve already started) with this exercise from classes instructor Tara Campbell.

Aug 08, 2022
Can I Be a Writer if I Can’t Speak English Idiomatically?

If English is the only language that I can claim proficiency in, shouldn’t I be able to speak and write it idiomatically and well, even if it’s not my first language?

Aug 04, 2022
Writing Is a Force

I have somehow managed to graduate from the late nights, the early mornings, and the stolen lunch breaks to full-time regular hours, writing in an office with a desk and books all around me.

Aug 03, 2022
Allegra Hyde Believes We Are a Product of the Stories We Tell Ourselves

Jean Marc Ah-Sen interviews Allegra Hyde about her novel ‘Eleutheria,’ the concept of climate fiction, and reckoning with the patterns of the past.

Aug 02, 2022
Turning a Scene Around for a Different View

A story changes depending on who’s doing the telling. Try a different version of a scene in your short story or novel to learn about your characters.

Aug 01, 2022
How Do Algorithms Help (and Hinder) Book Sales?

As a marketing professional, I mastered the art of writing for algorithms. As a novelist trying to sell my books, it’s more complicated.

Jul 28, 2022
Stuck in Your Own Head? Try Someone Else’s

Choose a scene you’re working on in your novel and consider what that scene might look like from the perspective of someone else in the room.

Jul 27, 2022
How’s the Writing Going, Deesha Philyaw?

“For me, getting better as a writer is learning how to get to the essence of things and boil down all of that exposition and backstory.”

Jul 26, 2022
Using Impatience to Help Your Writing

In this exercise, classes instructor Chaya Bhuvaneswar asks you to consider your impatience with not yet being where you want to be in your writing career and helps you use that as momentum.

Jul 25, 2022
What Does Writing Mean to the Next Generation?

Seven high-school students reflect on the power of words in our cultural and political moment.

CJ Hauser Is Making Meaning from a Fragmented Life

Ladane Nasseri interviews CJ Hauser about her memoir in essays ‘The Crane Wife,’ the impact of a viral publication, and the braided-essay form.

Jul 20, 2022
Charlie Jane Anders Wants You to Know Daydreaming Is Important, Serious Work

In this interview, Ruth Joffre talks with Charlie Jane Anders about her craft book ‘Never Say You Can’t Survive,’ building writing communities, and queer joy.

Jul 19, 2022
How Libraries Can Help You Earn Out Your Book Advance

While the systems and processes for how libraries acquire books differ from library to library, writers should know and should care about how public libraries purchase books.