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Cover Photo: This image is a screenshot from Phoebe Bridgers' music video for "Kyoto." In this still, Phoebe is flying over a city at sunset wearing a shirt with a skeleton on it.
Tell More Lies
Poems and stories are only two sorts of lies, but they’re the ones Steven Duong tells most often. Try out his writing exercise to generate new work.
Jan 03, 2022
Cover Photo: This photograph shows a blue miniature Lego Doctor Who TARDIS sitting on a patch of grass. It's a bright sunny day and the sky behind the TARDIS is clear and blue.
Creating Scenes for Discovery
Storytelling is like the TARDIS in ‘Doctor Who’—the narrower and more specific we get on the outside, the bigger it gets on the inside.
Jan 12, 2022
Cover Photo: This photograph shows a giraffe looking at the camera with its tongue sticking out. It's a close-up picture, so we only see the bright blue sky and a giraffe head with its long neck peeking into the right corner of the frame.
Writing In Between the Real and Unreal
Sanjena Sathian thinks the most interesting writing material comes from locating mystery in our own lives. Try out this writing exercise to write into that mystery.
Jan 18, 2022

Cover Photo: This header image is a headshot of the author, Jen Doll, next to the cover of her upcoming book, THAT'S DEBATABLE. The book cover is yellow with an illustrated teenage boy and girl standing next to each other, speech bubbles raising above them to frame the title of the book.
How’s the Writing Going, Jen Doll?
“I think I’m trying to reconcile the need to write and have a deadline with the need to be a human? And right now, the human is winning.”
Jan 06, 2022
Cover Photo: A graphic of Zeba Blay's book cover, Carefree Black Girls, on the left, and a headshot of Blay on the right, against a colorful backdrop of bright blue and pink to match the details on the book cover.
“I’m less interested in being a good writer than I am in being an honest writer”: A Conversation with Zeba Blay
“I think that knowing your voice is one thing, but standing by it is such an important part of being a writer.”
Jan 13, 2022
Cover Photo: This header image has Entropy magazine's logo at the top of the image and the background fades from white to violet, from the top to the bottom. In the center of the image, there is a photograph of Justin Greene with his hands raised, as if giving a rousing poetry reading.
A Conversation with Justin Greene, Editor of Where to Submit
‘Don’t Write Alone’ editor Stella Cabot Wilson chats with Justin Greene regarding ‘Entropy’ magazine’s renowned Where to Submit page.
Jan 20, 2022