Devon Capizzi

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Devon Capizzi is the author of the story collection My Share of the Body (Split/Lip Press). Their work has been supported by the Bread Loaf Writers' Conference, the Tin House Workshop, and a fellowship from Emerson College. Their writing has appeared or will appear in Pigeon Pages, Foglifter Journal, Alien Magazine and elsewhere, and their micro-chapbook about gender and transition is forthcoming from Ghost City Press (summer 2022). They currently live in Boston with their wife and their two cats.


Cover Photo: This header image is the classic meme of a man in a party hat standing in a corner, watching dejectedly as other people in the room socialize. The text in this meme says "they don't know my point of view could be helpful"
Stuck in Your Own Head? Try Someone Else’s

Choose a scene you’re working on in your novel and consider what that scene might look like from the perspective of someone else in the room.

Jul 27, 2022