Corina Ozon

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Corina Ozon is one of Romania’s best-selling authors at the moment. With six best-selling books and a seventh on the way, she is considered a “phenomenon” by the media and she keeps stunning her readers with the stylistic differences in each book. Her novels are much-awaited, because they deal with reality, relationships, love and all the related questions.  She work in PR, since 14 years, after 12 years experience as a journaliste. 


Cover Photo: A story with meteor shower by Corina Ozon
A story with meteor shower

“About a thousand years from now, it seems the Earth will hit this comet with its thick tail”, he told her. “But we won’t be here anymore”, she answered. “Oh yes, we’ll be in the comet’s tail, as stardust”, he said.

Aug 22, 2017