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- WRITE EVERY DAY. This is the one thing I've been doing every day for several months now. I live through my emails, my texts, my rhymes,my poems and stories. When I was at a low point in 2009 I lived next door to a slum. I would go to the slum and sit a times i would go in the bookstore/cafe and read. Then sometimes I'd walk through the town and look at the arts.

At my worst points, I find it very hard to connect with people. Art is like a secret part of my brain where i ca

If you have to write, just write a paragraph, or write about the three people you help be better today or if you're sick or someone close to you is very sick then do something that will add a tiny bit to their health.

Inspiration is everywhere. Look for it.

If you do things for 365 days you will look back and be amazed at how much you did, even if it was just one thing a day. I wrote this. I showed up.

Budding Dirt's poetry is intelligent, musical, gritty in observation, graceful in method. You can see a young man building his house of poetry & music, my writing reflect on building a balance society and making it a home. .

Behind Budding Dirts’s beautiful Brain their is a big heart. a conscientious kenyan citizen, using his high profile for doing philanthropic work and is actively involved in a number of is partly partilly what i like doing.So lets go change world for a better place..