Who Am I? When fashion is not the answer but inspiration

Fashion is one of the everlasting notions has got fixed strongly in human life being. We operate it daily without any thinking about its true essence. Even those who do not call themselves fashionmonger strive to be informed about the latest trends just in a case. What can be said about those who are preparing for a special event like a wedding? We all appeal to fashion when looking for the ways to be original and cause an impressive effect on surroundings. We believe that being trendy is what we need for being special and almost forgot that fashion can provide a merely universal decision, which could not be good for everybody. However, being special means being original and unique, stand out from the mass not with clothes or make-up but with harmonious complexity of the whole image.

This interplaying is not worth to be underestimated, especially when designing the image for the fateful event and turning point’s moments.Just imagine you want to be a trendy bride and are going to use the latest trend –violet wedding dress. Beautiful color, indeed only for those whose feeling corresponds with this taken gamma of colors. If you intuitively ascribe to violet the emotion of sorrow or tension or something like this you will fail in getting the desired result. You could look magnificent visually but your emotions will be far from happiness and internal shedding would not be so bright as it should be on the wedding day. In contrary, if you will prefer the dress of color, which make you feel sublime, and exalted your choice will appraise you with incredible emotions corresponding with the occasion’s aura and your true feelings. The clothes should not suppress your inner ‘I” but enhance your personality.

The same could be said about accessories. Imagine that the fashion experts loudly claims that the latest trend of the closest wedding season is the rings  but you have modest family rings you’ve inherited from your grandmother. What a tension you will feel if the voice of fashion matters for you: it is the dilemma of a century - what to choose trend or family values.

About the author: specialist in the hospitality industry who faces numerous challenges related to modern tendencies worldwide, relationship’s aspects and could not help to leave silent but strive to share this experience as a MadeStones and  GS Diamonds  freelance writer