Cover Photo: What I Want In You.. by Budding Dirt

What I Want In You..

I don’t ask for much out of relationships. Politeness. Maybe a college degree. A sense of humor would be nice.And Maybe spiritual person with good taste of a kind heart.Would be cool if she could cook.Also Great if she can speak her mind freely.

But relationship is on next shit this days.Crush on someone cause he or she got huge followers on twitter and instagram.Defend their emotions for shitty famous men they’ve never met before and they will never met. Look, I don’t want t

OH! How I miss the days when being ghosted was the worst revelation you could have after a date! Now we follow someone because of just a day dress.No wonder we have many failed marriages and relationships.

Then at night you are nervous that maybe he is texting more than one girl? HA! I laugh and weep at these generation.You cause problems for yourselves then regret.

And now I’m staring at everyone and wondering how many of these idiots understand what relationship is? Is it to get a woman on internet fuck then call that relationship? Is it walking by and fresh girl passes ,approach convince and go fuck? Or is to admire somebody cause he has money then suddenly build feelings towards the man? Is it love or lust?. I will never be anyone’s one night stand. I can’t show all of myself to a stranger or to someone I met twenty minutes ago. I don’t want sex if it doesn’t mean anything. I don’t want you to touch me, if you don’t give a crap about me. I don’t want a kiss from you, if all you are going to do is leave in the morning with stupid mood swings.I dont want relationship of which the only thing that bond us is flesh.I don't want and i don't want.. I never want to be just a body for someone. I want to be seen through my heart too. Sex is just too personal for me. It holds too much meaning and power and truth. I don’t want to be a toy. I don’t want to be someone’s sloppy seconds. I don’t want to be just a random person in their life, when in reality, I could be someone’s actual person.Also men need true committed girl not a body for satisfaction only.

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