Cover Photo: We’re going to see the temperate deciduous trees by Noel Cabacungan

We’re going to see the temperate deciduous trees

10+ picturesque destinations for Fall foliage

Should we be fortunate to be granted tourists visas to Japan, my father and I will be heading to Saitama Prefecture to catch the colorful Fall festival in November. Momijigari (fall peeping) is the Fall counterpart of Hanami (cherry blossom festival) in Spring.

Speaking of visas. Acquiring tourist visa to Japan is not that difficult, actually. However, it is the fact that you can’t book your flight tickets earlier that is the real bummer. We had been late for the sakura in 2015 because of this visa process. Hopefully we can arrive in Japan just in time for the momiji this year.

I have asked 10 travel bloggers about their favorite Fall destination and the response will make you fall in love with this colorful season.

#1 Silver Springs, British Columbia, Canada

The Silver Springs found just just outside of Elko in British Columbia is a awash with Fall colors. Silver Springs is made up of three lakes and the further you are prepared to walk the more alone you’ll find yourself.

Mike Cotton, Nomads on the Road

#2 Sayama Lake, Tokorozawa, Saitama Prefecture, Japan

@Sayama / Pixabay

Sayama Lake is one of the two water reservoirs in the City of Tokorozawa in Saitama Prefecture. The reservoirs areas are fenced and restricted; no fishing, boating, swimming and any other water activities is allowed. Visitors are only allowed at the dams and the adjoining rest areas. Despite this, both lakes are popular tourist destinations especially among photographers and natures lovers. Due to very limited access to these lakes, several species of rare birds are nesting in the forests surrounding the areas.

On clear days, Mount Fuji can be seen from behind the woods.

Tomas Katindig, Ten Thousand Strangers


New York City is probably better known for their concrete jungle than trees and Fall foliage. But Central Park is one of the best places in the city to see the leaves change; The Mall walkway leading to the Bethesda Fountain, Bethesda Fountain near The Lake, and Gapstow Bridge by The Pond, all provide an amazingly colorful view during the Fall.

Constance, The Adventures of Panda Bear


Fall in Adirondacks is a time for crisp hikes, mountains on fire with color, and lakes still warm enough for a refreshing dip. Peak foliage usually arrives in late-September or early October depending on the year. While tough to choose, Fall in the Adirondack Park is our favorite season. We spend most of it either hiking out on the trails or paddling the Adirondack waterways. Another bonus, there are no bugs!

Evan Williams – PureAdirondacks

#5 Ellemauer Tor, Austria

Fall colors are the most beautiful up in the mountains with no one around but you. This one’s from one of those days during a hike up to Ellmauer Tor in Australia.

Lisa Krüger-Franke, Anywhere's Perfect


Arrowtown is a small town not far from Queenstown. It has a peaceful stream backed by tree filled hills which come alive with multiple colours throughout Fall.

Maxime Hamilton, Passport Kiwi


You'll find some love spots around the UK to witness the Fall foliage. The Tree Cathedral in Milton Keynes is up there with the best thanks to lines of beautifully symmetrical trees emerging from the ground coated in fallen Fall leaves.

Sam Ward, Something of Freedom


This photos was captured at Pavlosk Park, St Petersburg, Russia. It was our first time when we really felt the beauty of Fall colors. Each picture we captured looked like a painting. Walking amidst those beautiful trees lined up in the Pavlosk Park, with leaves turned into golden color was really captivating.

Anushka Aggarwal, Roam on Ur Own


The Great Smoky Mountain National Park, the most visited park in the United States, is most well known for its enchanting Fall foliage. While this photo was taken in the beginning of October, late October and November are the best times to witness the Fall changes. Simply take a drive through the winding mountain roads or hike one of the dozens of trails--like Chimney Tops or Laurel Falls--in order to witness the splendor of the Fall colors!

Lyndsay Cox, The Wild Perhaps


Bath (Somerset) is a town out of a Jane Austen's book. It is amazingly beautiful and charming in general, but in the Fall it is breathtaking. The sand coloured Georgian houses blend with the gold and red trees and turn the whole town into an Fall postcard.

Claire Delplancq, Claire Imagination


Frankfurt, Germany is surprisingly one of the most colorful places I've witnessed Fall foliage in. This was taken inside of a park called Rebstock Park and it is simply too beautiful for words this time of year.

Megan Starr, Eclectic Travels in the North and East

Fall is one of my favorite seasons (the other being spring) as it is the season where nature explodes with the most vibrant colors in the yellow, orange, and red spectrum. I was told that, to best enjoy the change of colors,  look for places where the temperate deciduous trees (oaks, maples, hickories, et. at.) grow in abundance.

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