Cover Photo: Think Small by Chinemenma Njideka Udokwu-Yoruk

Think Small

Would it be wrong to quit?

I wonder this sometimes when everything around me seems to hold less than no appeal and less than any purpose. Is this depression or viewing the world through the bleakest realism possible. We're all floating on a tiny blue dot in a vast vacuum in an expanding universe that will eventually snap. So what does it matter if I complete my term papers on time?

We're always told to think big, outside the box... but thinking big often makes me pessimistic because it strips meaning from the little things that make up life.

Instead, to encourage myself, I think small. I think of the tiny paws of my cat kneading the heavy blanket before setting in for a nap. I think of the peaches in my neighbors yard which she tends daily without fail. I think of the crack of sunlight the disrupts the shadows of the clouds. The warm shade of pink I paint my toes. The laugh lines that grace my husbands face over every dumb little joke.  

Thinking small may not be the way to change the world but it is the way, at least for me, to make it worth living in.

Chinemenma is a 26 year old living in Boston. An educator, and graduate student, she spends her off days exploring the complexities of life through her writing.