Cover Photo: Things I’ve learned as a Solo Traveler by Linda Anderson

Things I’ve learned as a Solo Traveler

Solo Travelers are the best, and it feels good to move around whenever and wherever I feel like. I have a permanent job in a salon prices, but that didn’t stop me from traveling when I wanted a break. I’m into a creative profession, and I need some time for myself. I’ve to be sure that my work is not being affected because I’m stressed out. Keeping the nagging part aside, I’ve learned a lot while traveling alone and it feels good to learn from my mistakes.

To start with, I did learn that I should travel to places only after planning my trip. Planning is the most important thing, and if we offer an unplanned trip, it will soon turn out to be difficult for us to survive. If survival is not the point of concern for you at the start of your travel, it will soon pop up in your mind, and it will be difficult for you to handle the situation later on. So, make sure that you plan your travel and do not make a mess like I’ve made in the past.

Apart from planning, I’ve also known that it is better to opt for a solo travel then wait for your group to make the task difficult for you. In most of my group travel plans, it has been frustrating for me to wait for others and it is not really easy. I’m always excited while planning my travel sessions and if I’m forced to wait for me my level of excitement decreases with the increase in the time I’ve to wait. So, if you are like me, make sure that you off for a solo travel and not a group frustrating session. Cost is an important part here because I’m not too rich and the hotel rents are not as affordable as Happy Nails pedicure cost. So, savings are important.

While traveling, food is the most important thing and it will remain the most important thing for me because I’m a foodie and it only excites me to try something I’ve not tried in the past. I’ve been to places like Japan where I’ve enjoyed Sushi, and I felt it was better than what I’ve eaten in California. Yes, I know Sushi is traditionally a Japanese dish, and the Japanese know it better. However, it was surprising to me because the Chef was from the United States and she was appreciated for her talent. On the other hand, I’ve been to places where the food wasn't any good. Bottom line, do some research about food even if you are not a foodie because I’ve been to places where food tasted terrible, and I wasn't eating anything for days. I survived on water, and that is not a fun thing.

Another major point to be kept in mind is that it is a good thing to make friends while traveling but getting too close can be risky. I’ve not had great experiences while traveling to many Asian countries where people are friendly but I’ve not had positive vibes for them. I've enjoyed time meeting them and enjoying activities, but getting too close is something that makes me feel uncomfortable, and so I avoid it. You may have your thoughts on the same, but I felt awkward, especially while traveling to Asian countries.

Lastly, I feel it is important for every traveler to find an ideal destination that can be visited over and over again. The motor was not to visit the place over and over again, but it should have the ability to drag you and keep you excited about the place for years to come. If you are visiting the same place again or you are asked to visit the same place again, you should not have second thoughts while packing your bags. Looking at my list, I’ve managed to find some unique destinations that keep me excited and interested all the time. Places in my list are US Virgin Islands, Jordan, Dubai, Spain, and Japan.

inda is a writer and musician residing in Boise, Idaho in the United States. She graduated from the College of Idaho with a Bachelor's Degree in Business and a focus in marketing in 2014.