Cover Photo: THESE WORDS ARE EVERYTHING by celine oduor


Niko high na suck seed(succeed) So ukinyonya mbegu niko busy na grow na feed Niko kwa my space Niki open my brain bracket Wangapi watanijoin ku board mars(mars) Niko kwa journey of self rhythm nikisoak my blood na fanta moja Hii state ni glories na void , tiara's a dead poet, nawander kwa earth Na old skin Cleaning my ego niki serenade kwa my calmness Akili poisoned na filth From things brain inafeed Stop hurting orphans Some of us to me grow kukuwa serial killers Bad weed on a rich soil I live with no faith The path I see before me ni Morph future, past and present Sub-conscious thoughts ikini direct Towards my inner self I hate how I play god on Saturdays My present lies within my sad memories Humble hearts and full brains My dad's achievements Walilay bare before my eyes Destructive, sorrowful and hopelessly Nikabaki na frosted windows na kabaselleh casettes Now I ride on the company of cabbages and kings Poets and dreamers Nimeona victory, challenges and opportunities Yet still natafuta your face wakati nasoar through sky like a bluebird A times nafeel your presence far beyond horizons As the flowers covers my face dance to my tunes Jua nimekuwa double man You will like too see

So niko better than....

Niliclose my eyes nione God at his prime,kuclose my eyes nikaona my heart at his pride, This can't be life,corn liquor at this point i dont care about making artistic symbols na rhymes My soul ni dark, brain loose kama rectum ya homo My soul ni blissful architecture Mind yangu ni theatre Nini imetu curse Watoto wa sikuhizi wanasweat wabuy weed, pop pills,get pussy and cop Jordans. Kingship ni dream of the past.... Shit ni grimy In a confused world where trousers get creamy Me si materialistic but na value beauty na strength So "f" if i can't freestyle for long My lyrical content is moderate Don't follow me i'm lost too Freedom tunajua ni ya blood na fist Human heart ni hard kama judas kiss Love ni expensive kama watch kwa president wrist, Me ni book of blood ukini open niko read(red)