Cover Photo: Selfie by Me.  Seeing The Force Awakens
Selfie by Me. Seeing The Force Awakens

The Silver Screen, Its Chemicals, and the Boy Who Sat to Watch.

On the weight of making and watching movies.

This is (part) of my story.

I wasn't supposed to make it. My body, my soul, the mechanics of my muscular heart, were overlaid in whispers of death. I was born premature: 26 weeks early, weighing 1 pound and six ounces. I later fell to 1 pound and three ounces – the size of a soda can. Pumped with iron and other essential vitamins, I was placed in an incubator: a box that kept me shielded from the outside world. Binding me.

AladdinStar Wars

I Dream -  I served as  writer producer and director, in Allentown, PA,Alice and Wonderland;  and during my time abroad in London, I Self-Portrait (Of A Black Artist), all while continuing to perfectWalking Shadows

Night Catches Us, An Oversimplification of Her Beauty,Medicine for Melancholy, RECORD/PLAY, Pumzi, Middle of Nowhere, Pariah, Creed,

Afros in the Future. It gets weird where I am. 


MFA Canidate for Screenwriting,  Brookyln College, '19

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