Cover Photo: The Importance of Taking Risks While You’re Still Young by Ann Hoge

The Importance of Taking Risks While You’re Still Young

For all human beings, risks are simply a kind of choice with the only significant difference being that with risks, there is a lot more at stake. In many cases, risk is often viewed as something negative and should be avoided whenever possible. However, this is not always true, especially in the case of younger people where they generally have less to lose. Obviously the same does not apply to older people or those who have attained certain societal status where it’s harder to take risks of given kinds.

As mentioned earlier, taking risks is just the same as making a choice in a case where the stakes are quite high and it should be embraced by young people regardless of the existence of doubt about the odds of success. In fact, it goes way beyond the scope of the risk being taken – there is always something being gained regardless of the outcome and these are what we are going to look at. After all, life is all about a series of calculated risks since almost everything that one will do will have a margin of risk. No outcome is fully guaranteed which means that anything being attempted by anyone may have a chance of failing completely. We experience subtle hints of risk each and every day of our lives.

In essence, this piece is more of a nudge for young people who are reluctant when it comes to taking certain risks. Young people are in the best position to do so. But, before that, it is very important to understand that there is a fine line between risk-taking and recklessness – risks also need to be calculated, and to a given extent, strategic. Be smart about it.

Here are some of the reasons why young people should be open to taking (calculated) risks:

Getting Out of the Comfort Zone

The most obvious reason why taking risks while we are still young is important is because we never really know what could come of it. When you decide to play your hand and pursue your potential, one thing could lead to another and before you know it you might end up right where you wanted to be or, in some case, in an even better place.

Getting to be with that insanely attractive significant other or being a millionaire or a star is more often than not a culmination of risks taken while we are still young. As much as this may seem to be easier said than done, getting out of our comfort zones especially in the earlier stages of our lives sets us up for more successful lives in the future regardless of whether we fail or not – if we succeed then we get to have what we wanted and if we fail we get valuable knowledge that will influence the informed choices we make in the future.

Risks Are Less Risky When We Are Young

For young people, the rewards of taking risks are astronomical compared to the consequences especially because they can afford the consequence that may come with the risk. In comparison, the consequences of taking risks while in the early stages of our lives are minute unlike the consequences of doing the same thing when we are older and have such responsibilities as taxes, kids, bills, jobs, and mortgage. So, young people can go ahead and try their hand at a business or an invention, get rejected by potential partners and even gamble away a sum of money – after all, you will still have the rest of your life and support from friends and family to build back your finances and boost your self-esteem.

Vital Lessons for Gamblers

All forms of gambling involve risk-taking but not all risks can be said to be gambling. This is a lesson that only people who have taken risks while playing casino games can understand. Gambling is considered to be one of the most popular forms of entertainment and since it is now more accessible thanks to the internet, it is important for people who choose to participate in it to be aware of how best to go about it. With thousands of real money online casinos lurking in the depths of the internet, it is easy to make some bad decisions – fortunately, for young people, the consequences of these decisions are not as far-reaching as they may be for older people who may have way more at stake. In essence, the only time you can fully enjoy the thrill of taking gambling risks and get lots of experience in that regard is when you are still young.

Creating Opportunities and Building Confidence Through Risk

Risks are often viewed negatively and regarded as dangerous or unwise but even though some risks certainly never pay off, some are usually an opportunity to succeed. In fact, losses in some areas may mean wins in others. For instance, taking risks at starting your own business may actually show off your skills which may, in turn, make employers notice your potential while you are still young. You can then build on the discovered talent or skill. In other words, taking risks goes further to build your confidence and help you to stand out which is great for young people as it can have life-changing results.

Also, how else are jackpots won? With so many people placing wagers and participating in lotteries, it is always very hard to guarantee a win for yourself. While we are still young, there is way more opportunity to keep participating till finally, the odds are in your favor.

Overcoming Fear of Failure

Fear of failure is what usually holds most people back from pursuing their dreams, buying houses or approaching potential partners. It is safe to say that the fear of failure cripples the potential of most people and the best time to get rid of it is when we are still young and what better way to do so than to take a few calculated risks. These types of risk are beneficial in both personal and professional capacities not just because there is a chance at actually succeeding but also because the possible fall-out imparts us with life-changing knowledge.