Cover Photo: Parental Love,Friend's Love & Soul-Mate Love Should Be Understood. by Budding Dirt

Parental Love,Friend's Love & Soul-Mate Love Should Be Understood.

I used to think it was technology causing our generation not to understand love, or even want it. This kids are messed up.But i realized We are the problem. We say we are trying. We say we want love. But are we really trying? Are we going on dates anymore or nowdays get someone fuck all night and leave?

Or do we still continue to complaining that modern dating is the worst thing to ever exist. We download dating apps, but we don’t use it. We go on dates, but then we are too quick to shut them out right afterwards. We say we want love, but we can’t even open up. We are too scared and frightened of being seen as vulnerable or weak.I just can't understand this people no more.

We are too eager for a quick fix. For a warm body to lay next to at night. And just as easily, we are all too quick to go, to leave, and to run. We run from the one thing that we keep saying that we truly want.

It’s not that we can’t hold a conversation. We just don’t try hard enough It’s not that we are all glued our phones. We just find it easier to not meet up in person. to not talk. Communicate.And express what we feel.

You want to be loved? Go on a date and actually be in the moment. Try again and again. Don’t just get the instant, quick fix. Don’t just go after someone who is easy to get, who is just there to use as your arm as a pillow.

We need to stop being so scared. We need to go out and live instead of hiding away, feeling sorry for ourselves with this crush bullshit. Actually start thinking about what you want and go after it. And don’t be afraid of rejection because the truth of the matter is, we are all going to rejected once in a while. But that isn’t an excuse to quit. That isn’t an excuse to give up...

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