Cover Photo: This photograph shows an old red pickup truck sitting on cracked asphalt. The sky above is moody and cloudy.
Photograph by Casey Lovegrove/Unsplash

Excerpt from ‘Rust on Seafoam’

This excerpt was written by Leia Ostroff in A. E. Osworth’s 12-Month Novel Generator.


Rust On Seafoam



This was all Nico’s fault.

I’m not getting betterOut-There




And that’s why . . .

Leia is a writer working between her hometown of Rochester, NY and New York City. She has studied English Literature with a draw toward travel writing, diverse heroism, and fantasy at The College of Wooster and St. Anne's College at Oxford University. Her first animated short, Roadwash, recently debuted at Montreal’s International Arts Animation Film Festival. Leia is also producing a jazz travelogue called Take Me to Fendika, which features MacArthur Fellow Tomeka Reid and is being developed with funding from the NYC Council for the Arts. 

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