Cover Photo: This photograph shows two run-down apartment buildings standing next to each other at an angle.
Photograph by Sergey Sechko/Unsplash

Excerpt from ‘Dacha’

This novel excerpt was written by Brendan Williams-Childs in A. E. Osworth’s 12-Month Novel Generator.


Operational security

Operational security

The bar was in the basement of an apartment in the far northern section of town, surrounded by rubble from the riots seven years before, technically condemned. The landlord allowed squatters upstairs, a bar downstairs, and nobody without someone to vouch for them within a hundred yards.

Brendan Williams-Childs is a Wyomingite, living elsewhere. His creative work has previously appeared in Nat. Brut, the Colorado Review, and anthologies including The Best American Mystery & Suspense 2022 and Meanwhile, Elsewhere: Science Fiction and Fantasy from Transgender Authors