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Excerpt from ‘Here Men from Planet Earth’

This excerpt was written by Eliana Ramage in A. E. Osworth’s 12-Month Novel Generator.


Along the way there is love, with the brilliant and complicated Della; estrangement, from Indigenous activist and cool-girl younger sister Kayla; and the profound, heartbreaking question of what it means to confront your past, your nation, and your family. Told across a lifetime full of ambition and longing, this novel examines what Steph is willing to sacrifice for the stars, and who she becomes when she decides. If Steph stops running, can she face who and what she has left behind?



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Eliana Ramage is a Cherokee Nation citizen born and raised in Nashville. She received her MFA from the Iowa Writers' Workshop in 2018. Her stories and essays have appeared in Beloit Fiction Journal, The Baltimore Review, CRAFT, and The Masters' Review Anthology.