Cover Photo: This artwork by Charles Demuth shows a modernist take on house roofs, trees, and sky.
Artwork by Charles Demuth, 'Rooftops and Trees,' 1918

Excerpt from ‘A Beautiful House’

This novel excerpt was written by Frances James Dinger in A. E. Osworth’s 12-Month Novel Generator.


A Beautiful House

Frances James Dinger is a writer living in Seattle. Their work has appeared or is forthcoming in Identity Theory, The Seattle Review of Books, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, and Two Serious Ladies, among other places. For five years, they were a co-director of APRIL Festival, an annual celebration of independent literature in Seattle that featured sold-out unconventional literary events and a small-press book fair. Frances is a Tin House Summer Workshop alum and was a member of Catapult’s inaugural Queer & Trans Novel Generator cohort.