Cover Photo: Not Everything is Written in the Stars by Lauren Suval

Not Everything is Written in the Stars

Not everything is written in the stars,

but writers find a home in connecting the dots,

in relaying defense mechanisms through the signs.

Because you see,

zodiacs should tell you why you feel how you feel and do what you do 

and why you are who you are.

Zodiacs know why he is your ex,

and  why he is the best new prospect

Zodiacs know how we can thrive in the new year.

Readers want what they want

The market is hungry,

 the market is fed.

Pop astrology pieces explode on the internet,

filling up space  where prose is outnumbered,

obliterated for an audience.

But not everything is written in the stars;

we don’t need explanations for it all.

We need to be aware.

We need to just live.

Lauren Suval studied print journalism and psychology at Hofstra University, and she is a writer based in New York. Her work has been featured on Psych Central, Thought Catalog, Catapult Community, and other online publications. Lauren's e-book “Coping With Life’s Clutter” and her latest book, “The Art Of Nostalgia,” a collection of personal essays, can both be found on Amazon. She loves to be followed on Twitter @LaurenSuval and on Facebook @LaurenSuvalWriting.