Cover Photo: My senior and his experience saved my life by John Cooke

My senior and his experience saved my life

While talking to others about work related issues, I often see them complaining about different things and, at the same time, thanking the Lord because they are earning their bread and butter from the work they do. I started off my journey in a similar way but I had to make modifications later on, and my work changed my life entirely. It is basically because of my senior and his experience that saved my life.

Let me first give you a brief of what my job profile is. I'm a part of a team at, and we help people find the best credit repair companies so that they can maintain their business reputation and get back on track at the earliest. I have personally guided many people, and the response has been great, but I never knew while helping others out, I would get some benefits for myself.

It happened on one fine Thursday morning when I was new at the office.My senior helped me avoid falling into a trap laid by a credit card executive. I was commuting by train when I overheard someone shares the benefits of a particular credit card and how it would help an individual in getting out of a financial crisis. The way in which the executive was giving a brief to someone on call was impressive. It was good enough for people around to be interested in the conversation. I started making notes of the benefits he was sharing on call.

Once she was done with the call, I resisted my temptation to communicate with him and grab the opportunity of taking the credit card that could do a lot for me, especially during a crisis. However, there was something that stopped me at that time. But strangely that person turned towards me and approached me. He asked me for a couple of minutes in order to share some important details with me. Although it was strange, I didn't mind it because I knew you would discuss specific details about the same credit card and that made me happy.

We communicated for the next 5 minutes, and it was good enough for me to sign some of the papers he had in his hand. However, he asked me to share some specific details of my credit card I had previously owned. I felt it was strange, but since I was too young to understand his trick, I agreed. Fortunately, I had forgotten my wallet in office the previously and so I asked him to accompany me to my office which was nearby. Once we got off the train, we took a cab and reached the office. I moved in in a hurry and made him sit in the lobby. I was extremely excited, and the moment I was about to pass my card details to the executive, I was stopped by my senior, and he asked me about the hurry I was in. I explained him everything, and he asked me to wait. He checked the details of the card online, and since he was a privileged member of the same credit card company, he called the customer care and asked for the details.

On completion of the call, I learned that the executive was sharing fake details and there was nothing of that sort being offered by the credit card company. We rushed to the lobby, and the person was in there. On inquiring from the receptionist, we got to know that the person had left a couple of minutes ago saying that he had to visit another client and he was in a hurry.