Mirror, Mirror

  ''Dear magic mirror,'' Cruelty said, gazing upon her own reflection. ''Who might be the most radiant beauty of them all?'' 

The magic mirror spoke in a voice, most harsh and foul. ''Your beauty is beyond compare, but your heart is blacker than tarry night: you stole all the world's beauty. Now there are no rainbows and babies can no longer smile. Your wicked heart, is a black hole.'' 

Spare me your lecture,'' You’re a hideous mirror, and I shan't be hearing your lascivious words,'' Cruelty scolded. 

She ripped the mirror off the wall and threw it into the fireplace. His torturous screams rang out through all the castle. She opened up the window and recoiled, pinching her delicate nose. ''Mercy me,'' she groaned, ''what a rancid odor.'' 

She looked upon the day and commented on it's bleak nature. ''I've never seen grayer skies or browner earth. Repugnant.'' 

Later that evening, her suitors arrived at the castle. ''These men will never do,'' Cruelty thought. ''These men are much too homely to be a suitable king.'' 

''My lady,'' one of the homely men said. ''You have taken all the beauty for yourself; if you were to share some with us, perhaps then, you could find a worthy suitor.'' 

''You must be joking. I am beautiful and regal, why would I share my beauty with the likes of you.'' The villagers stormed the castle and wielded swords and pitchforks. They savagely butchered the beautiful queen, and Cruelty lie dead upon the floor. Her head was severed and she turned into a dried old leathery prune. The villages took back the beauty the queen had stolen and the skies became blue, the sun came out, and the earth returned to green.