Cover Photo: Malediction of the Queen by Summer Dively

Malediction of the Queen

“Sixteenth birthday… Hellish scarlet drops…”

“Please Spirits, do not let any harm come to our youngest,”

“Strange, she never acted this way,”

“Maleficent, I’ve never heard that name before,”

“A nest? I thought all faeries lived in a hut,”

“This is what it is like to fly,”


“Are they firing at me?”

Just what I feared.

Arrows whizzed past, each earning a yelp. I had no voice left. My muffled cries of “Godmother” and “Diaval” only made me more afraid.

“I will see Aeson about this tomorrow, now I have to get back to my hut unnoticed,”

“Strange, was the battle all in my head?”

“Not allowed to leave camp? How will I see Godmother now?”


“What will they think of me if they find this majestic creature?”

“Sixteenth birthday… Hellish scarlet drops…”

“Please Spirits, don’t let us lose this fight,”


“I won't either, Godmother,”

I am a young teen who writes books in hopes they will become something great. The 2014 Disney movie "Maleficent" was my inspiration and always will be.