Cover Photo: Lucky Star, The Drive Part 2 by Emily LeClair Metcalf

Lucky Star, The Drive Part 2

"Her shoes and bag unfold from her clutches, like a bloom popping from a cherry branch in the ides of March. "

They pull up on the old house; eaves cascading down off of a gallant porch, paint chipping, only some of the old stainless windows still intact. It is the first time she has laid eyes on it, but her mood is stirred and her curiosity peaked. The gate awaits them, ominous; it calls to her. But why would this old place full of relics and memories call to her? Why would she be drawn in to a decrepit place? It should feel like a trap with its great neediness pouring out, like a load weighing her down. But she feels enthralled by its saddened majesty. Drawn to the house, she wants to know more.

Sometime hopefully in Winter or Spring of 2018, my book Glass Slippers - A Journey of Mental Illness, will be available on Amazon and bookshops in the San Juan Islands. I am currently working on my second book Memiorish, which may also be out in 2018 or early 2019. I write on my blog Thanks for reading!