Cover Photo: I only have 473 business cards left, guys
I only have 473 business cards left, guys

Links for Monday, May 15th

A Monday link roundup, now with 95% less Russia.


“Watching the names—some of the top names at the National Post, Rogers Media, and CBC—pledging their $100 or $500 to [Ken Whyte’s ‘Appropriation Prize’], my stomach flipped. It was a reminder, once again, that too many white decision makers in Canadian media don't seem to listen when people of colour and Indigenous people are talking.”

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time: “I am so looking forward to getting the chance to show young disabled people that they can represent themselves honestly onstage and tell their own stories.”

Interracial pairings in popular culture still tend to necessitate one white person.”


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