Cover Photo: Photo by Emily Metcalf
Photo by Emily Metcalf


My gut is telling me something

I have a challenge with eating. My friend Parvin says, “That is okay, you have many other talents.” It has always been a struggle for me to cook for myself. Luckily, Lopez is blessed with many locally grown, milked and butchered food sources. Food is a substantial value in our community.

I have taken up a weekly cooking ‘class’ with my friend Parvin, who lives across the road. She has taken me on as a mentee, and I am savoring every moment as I finally feel ready to heal this part of my psyche. I am studying a book and cookbook titled “The Abascal Way to Quiet Inflammation” by Kathy Abascal.

On Monday we made Kimchi, and I now have two beatific jars waiting to be incorporated into my food menu. Changing habits can be both easy and challenging, so I am integrating slowly. Coffee without cream is easy, and no meat is a relief as I am a natural vegetarian, both in my history and within my sensitive energies. The harder task involves eating breakfast, sometimes forcing myself to eat before two. But I will try to eat small amounts to get my system fired up. Some is better than none.

It is all new to me, and as I visit this part of myself that has food challenges, I find there is a lot of emotion. I had anorexia-bulimia in high school, and I rectified myself at my own efforts and with very little support. I have had an addiction to grains and starches from my mood disorder as they habitually gave me serotonin boosts for comfort, and because I was taught to cull my erratic behavior with food at an early age. This has all contributed to a sad remedy of helplessness around food. This last spring I developed an allergy to all grains having suffered greatly with gastrointestinal distress. Much has improved in body and mind with the removal of these incredibly addicting (for me) foods. 

I do not feel helpless now. I am inspired and very much succeeding step by step. I am so thankful for Parvin. The connection was propelled from a call she made to me about my article in the Islands’ Weekly called “Holiday Reminder: Finding Hope”. It was a touching and relevant piece regarding mental illness in our small community. Thank you, Parvin for rekindling my passion for a diet that serves our planet, is gentle to animals and my psychic energies, and one that will continue to heal my body, mind, gut, and spirit.

Sometime hopefully in Winter or Spring of 2018, my book Glass Slippers - A Journey of Mental Illness, will be available on Amazon and bookshops in the San Juan Islands. I am currently working on my second book Memiorish, which may also be out in 2018 or early 2019. I write on my blog Thanks for reading!