Cover Photo: I want to do something by Budding Dirt

I want to do something

I want to do something I had never done before. Something creative,maybe planting seed that could turn into something both artistic and lucrative or changing life of a street kid to a philosopher world has never seen. I want to direct a movie of its own of how good and bad our government is or just how bad our churches eat from our asses. I want to find how money is evil and its side effects . I want to understand business and its profit i just want to taste money.

Budding Dirt's poetry is intelligent, musical, gritty in observation, graceful in method. You can see a young man building his house of poetry & music, my writing reflect on building a balance society and making it a home. .

Behind Budding Dirts’s beautiful Brain their is a big heart. a conscientious kenyan citizen, using his high profile for doing philanthropic work and is actively involved in a number of is partly partilly what i like doing.So lets go change world for a better place..