Cover Photo: How Design Impacts Everything by Lily Vernot

How Design Impacts Everything

With things like art, architecture, and the like, there's no question that design is an important factor. The interesting thing about our human existence is how design is involved in other facets of life, almost without us noticing. Read on and consider the other ways it's involved in our culture.

Product Design

The parts that go into products, like a clock radio, are there first to be functional. However, the creators of such things take an extra step to make the  appearance more creative and visually appealing. If consumers didn't care about the design of something, the engineers wouldn't worry about it.


The tech items most of us carry with us on a daily basis have far surpassed the capabilities of those from even 5 years ago. They'd amaze individuals from 15-20 years ago. Still, many people buy these items simply for how they look, not necessarily for their specific capabilities.  Apple, specifically, is a retailer that knows to make beautiful devices — and they're not alone anymore.

Sports Environments and Memorabilia

People love wearing their favorite team's swag. Some have even become fashion statements, such as an LA Dodgers or Boston Red Sox cap. Even with something like a stadium or a court, design often plays a role. In fact, March Madness courts are specially made and designed every single year for each individual host city.

How does design impact your life? Chances are, many more ways than you might guess.