Cover Photo: Good Life Is Overrated by Budding Dirt

Good Life Is Overrated

I want to live a good life but I get stressed out thinking I didn't brush my teeth eight times early in the morning or walk 20,000 steps to job, or call my friends thrice over and remind them how much I love them.

It's a bad Monday i don't know what to do; Should I write a passionate poem to my mum and tell her that she mean world to me or buy breakfast worth five thousand and convince myself I've made it in life ? Or Should I do 600 pushups then avoid watching my favourite c

Or should i create a music playlist and listen to all my underground favourite musicians? Or text my crush to come over fuck her until evening? Or swam my Facebook timeline with my naked pictures.

Or should i go to the library and read one of my best books? Or should i go swimming ; ejaculate in water and feel good? Or should i watch horror movie with loud volume window and door wide open?

Or go to the mosque and shout Jesus is the true Master? Or Walk past police station and shout i killed forty people in my past life?

I'm a human . Environment affects me too.... Suicidal thoughts are tattoos on the soul. It doesn’t wash away.

Before judging someone learn what made then do those evil things they're doing. Some of us have it all but still sad,depressed and lonely.

I had always been afraid to ask for help . I could survive all negativity by myself. Nobody would ever wanted to help ! But when I dared to asked for "help", I found that so many of my friends were my circle.

Be you . Never depend on anyone. People change as feelings....

Budding Dirt's poetry is intelligent, musical, gritty in observation, graceful in method. You can see a young man building his house of poetry & music, my writing reflect on building a balance society and making it a home. .

Behind Budding Dirts’s beautiful Brain their is a big heart. a conscientious kenyan citizen, using his high profile for doing philanthropic work and is actively involved in a number of is partly partilly what i like doing.So lets go change world for a better place..