Cover Photo: Far Light by Morgan Schetzle

Far Light

A slow faucet leak that'd dripped every few minutes during summer had turned into the small glacier Sabine was now chipping through with a Philips head screwdriver. She paused to check the tip for damage; the tool was making quick work of the ice locking her out of the crawlspace but it was too valuable to damage for the sake of expediency.

Scavengers in the house?---Or were still here??

Relax. Even if you saw something it'd already be too late.




Don't push your luck damnit.

He's not growling.


Must be hunters.

And they'll have to climb out of the valley.

God this is going to be rough.

Morgan lives in Seattle as a compromise between the frozen north of his childhood in Alaska and a  love of technology that pulled him disastrously close to California that one time.

He paints, writes, pretends to garden, buys more books than he reads and tinkers on robots and  games while working full time in the game industry.