Cover Photo: Patty Hearst's mugshot from 1975. On the left, her face is turned so we can only see her profile. On the right, we are looking at her directly in her face. Her hair is dark brown and wavy, falling to her shoulders, and she has thin eyebrows arching above deep eye sockets
Patty Hearst/Tanya Mugshot, 1975

Excerpt from ‘Urban Guerrillas’

This novel excerpt was written by Annabelle Larsen in Lynn Steger Strong’s 12-Month Novel Generator

No, something’s not quite right . . . let’s move him over a tad next to the Beardsley, just for fun,

Enshrine me in a marble mausoleum, stick me in one of them velvet-lined caskets, why don’tcha invite all the house painters who worked on the developments.

heldcared for permanently


Highway to Hell.

When the Saints Go Marching In

Check and see if the sonofabitch is dead yet

Annabelle Larsen has an MFA in creative writing from Columbia University School of the Arts.

She is a recipient of the Elizabeth George Foundation Grant, and a Whiting Foundation Writers Aid Award. Her short stories include, “San Man” nominated for a Pushcart Prize, won 2nd place in New Rivers Press, American Fiction Vol 15, The Best Unpublished Stories by New and Emerging Writers. “Urban Guerrillas” was a finalist for the Third Coast Magazine Jaimy Gordon Prize in Fiction Judged by: Antonya Nelson. Annabelle is currently at work on her novel.