Cover Photo: This photograph was taken in a dark bar. The bar, tables, and one person are outlined in shadow, but at the front of the bar there are big windows that look out onto the street. Three pride flags hang outside just past the windows.
Photograph by Tatíana Rodriguez/Unsplash

Excerpt from ‘Let The Love Surprise You’

This memoir excerpt was written by Amy Estes in Megan Stielstra’s 12-Month Memoir Generator


what if, what if, what if . . .

Was this really happening? Am I going to tell my mom I’m a lesbian at a restaurant called “BJ’s” of all places? The irony . . .



Amy Estes is a writer, comedian and educator from Sacramento, CA. Amy’s humor writing has been featured on McSweeney's, Slackjaw, The Belladonna, Weekly Humorist, and others. Amy’s essay writing has been featured on the Huffington Post, Evocations Review, The Financial Diet, and other places on the internet. Amy’s live storytelling has been featured in shows like Mortified, Cliterary Salon, Greetings From Queer Mountain, and on SoulPancake.

Amy teaches satire writing for the acclaimed Second City and a local arts non-profit, and middle school English to a group of amazing 8th graders.