Cover Photo: This photograph shows a landmass, green and mossy, at the edge of a pale blue body of water. In the background, the blue sky is streaked with white clouds.
Photograph courtesy of the author

Excerpt from “Foreign Lovers”

This is an excerpt from an essay written by Diana Ostrom in Chloe Caldwell’s 12-Month Essay Collection Generator

You don’t understand, It’s these stupid boots. I once walked across the Sossusvlei salt pan and did not even break my stride.

That’s my dog’s name,

I am so cool that my body rejects this.

hugs are not the lingua franca hereso I duck and maneuver myself around him, which in the end was the right decision because it turns out he has forgotten his wooly hat on a chair.


Diana Ostrom writes about places and people and traveling between them in her debut collection of essays, Faraway Places. You can find her writing about travel here and subscribe to her newsletter here