Cover Photo: This black and white photograph shows a pair of foam earplugs and a plastic hospital bracelet sitting on a wooden surface next to a sticky note, which reads: "Do NOT push unless in an extreme emergency situation!"
Photograph courtesy of the author

Excerpt from ‘Everything You Can’t Control’

This memoir excerpt was written by Marisa Russello in Megan Stielstra’s 12-Month Memoir Generator

’t Control

The following excerpt is from the memoir.


Caution! Hypersensitive Bipolar Lady Wearing Earplugs

The Jefferson’s

Caution! Hypersensitive Bipolar Lady Wearing Earplugs: Speak Up . . . But Not Too Much.

Marisa Russello writes fiction and nonfiction from her home in upstate New York with her loving husband and the cutest Chiweenies ever. A former NYC public school teacher, she now works as a recovery specialist at a local not-for-profit where she supports individuals in improving their mental health and wellness. You can find her on Instagram @marisarussellowrites or on Twitter @russellowrites.