Cover Photo: coffee by MK Baehl


Prismacolor marker drawings lay crumpled up in the trashcan under the desk. The room is littered with forgotten bottles and books. I walk in and a take pictures, one after the other, sidestepping the body that lays in the middle of the floor. Looks like an overdose; alcohol, drugs. Another shooting star, who can’t handle the pressure, so tragic. I should write the headlines for the Tinseltown Star, no real journalism training needed. Later I find out it wasn’t an overdose it was murder. The boyfriend did it. Typical I think as I drink the now cold cup of coffee left on my desk.

MK edits financial investment prospectuses which is quite a disappointment to her eight year old self who thought she would've at least solved a mystery by now. 

Find her @lets_baehl   &  @vsbrmkb - which is her secret twitter for book reviews