Cover Photo: Charles Darwin Selects by Chris Okum

Charles Darwin Selects

I didn't go there to be a critic. I came to watch. That's all. I wanted to be entertained and I was. I was entertained. And I thanked them for entertaining me. I gave them my time and my money. They shouldn't have asked for anything else, but they did. They wanted my opinion. They wanted me to be honest. They told me to be critical. So I told them what I thought of the show. I told them how they could fix the show. But that's not what they wanted to hear. They said they would call me later but they didn't. So I called them. I asked them how they were. I asked them what they were doing. They said they were getting ready for the show. I asked them if they fixed the show. They said they didn't. They said my suggestions weren't very helpful. I told them I had to go. I said I would call them later, but I never did. I did not choose them to be my friends. They chose me.