Cover Photo: Channeling Creativity Into A Work Life by Anne Davis

Channeling Creativity Into A Work Life

Writing and Content

In the age of the internet there has become a huge influx in the market of content online whether it is video, audio, or print. Enabled by the variety of ways to produce and share content, it's possible to create yourself a living by contributing to any part of the content machine. If you enjoy creative writing maybe start a blog, if you like copy-writing then write for a digital marketing agency, or if video is your thing, anyone can try editing or even vlogging.

What your ultimate success comes down to, is how much work and effort you want to put into a career based on your love of the arts, in whatever form that is. With the proper education and experience, you can start your own business, and be good at it. The good news is that these careers also allow you to follow your passion for performing or producing great art at the same time you are building your business.

Anne is a copywriter and blogger from the deep south! She grew up taking vacations to the Gulf of Mexico and the lakes of Georgia before growing up, leaving her hometown for college, and studying aboard in Madrid, Spain! Jane majored in English and start working in journalism and copywriting just after college since 2005!