Cover Photo: Business and happiness by Jean Shumate

Business and happiness

I’m a small business owner, and it feels good to enjoy the privilege of being a business owner and maintaining the right work-life balance, at the same time. Not many people enjoy this privilege because, maybe, they do not want to experience it. I’ve placed some restrictions in my life but it does not make me unhappy, and I feel that is the most important thing. In this post, I'd like to share some thoughts I’ve worked on to not only maintain the right work-life balance but also feel good about it.

To start with, I ensure that I have a pinch of leisure even on my business trips. For example, while traveling to New Zealand for a business trip, I had to treat my investors well in their homeland. So I started looking for some of the best venues for my business meeting, ensuring that the venue hire costs were in my budget and not a boring place. Out of the many options I found, executives guided me, and my task was simplified. Note that I was looking for venues where before or after my business meeting I could spend quality time alone or with my family members. I often move around with my family even for business trips because it allows me to enjoy my family vacation at regular intervals and the expense for the same is reduced.I feel it is a smart move and I continue to enjoy a business-cum-leisure trip whenever I move out of my homeland.

The second thing I would like to share is that small is better than big. Not many people realize that there are many advantages of having a small business to our name than conquering the big ventures and making it big in the business world. The benefits I enjoy include making silly mistakes without being frowned upon by millions of people across the world. Quality family time and mental relaxation are only a few other add-ons I enjoy as a small business owner.

The next point on the list is that I feel one should take up a business venture only when they are interested in the same, have the necessary skills and can find enough time for it. I'm a small business owner and own an animation studio. I choose this because I had completed a certificate course and was interested in the same. Time was an issue because I was working in a corporate firm for years and it was difficult for me to give even a couple of hours to my chosen dream. So, I took a tough call and quit my job. I did it, and I feel the decision came at the right time because I was way more enthusiastic three years ago and it helped me stay up for more than 20 hours a day and find the right clients. Things clicked, and I achieved success. I’m proud of myself, and I feel it is a privilege to pursue my dream and not just money. Money is important, but if it is on the top of the list, satisfaction will not be satisfying.

Lastly, I would like to say that there is one more reason because of which I’m enjoying the status of a happy small business owner; working hard. If you love your job, it shouldn't be difficult for you to stay up late and give it your best every time you have to complete a particular task on time. It shouldn't be difficult for you to be dedicated and think about different ways in which you can find the ideal level of satisfaction and be happy about working hard without crying about it. I take my necessary breaks whenever I feel like, but when working, I ensure that nothing stops me from giving my best for long, dedicated hours.

I’m a small business owner, and it feels good to enjoy the privilege of being a business owner and maintaining the right work-life balance, at the same time.