Cover Photo: Building Soul by Budding Dirt

Building Soul

Today on my way to Eldoret. I sat down next to a 15 year old girl who was travelling from Kisumu to Eldy by herself. I sat down and pulled out the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and the little girl said "I like your bookmark!" (It was a Lord of the Rings bookmark with a 3D version of Gandalf's head peering over the pages). I turned to thank her and saw that she was reading The Hobbit. Instantly, we became friends. We talked about magic, wizards, the Shire, and Hobbits for most of

Budding Dirt's poetry is intelligent, musical, gritty in observation, graceful in method. You can see a young man building his house of poetry & music, my writing reflect on building a balance society and making it a home. .

Behind Budding Dirts’s beautiful Brain their is a big heart. a conscientious kenyan citizen, using his high profile for doing philanthropic work and is actively involved in a number of is partly partilly what i like doing.So lets go change world for a better place..