Cover Photo: Bad Dreams by Emily LeClair Metcalf

Bad Dreams

"Whistles of the Wind"

I just had a bad dream

And wished someone would wake me

Dispondant Anger

And unbelievable pain

Images of things

Changing before me

Feeling I was wrong

I am wrong

Regret is upon me

The city in crawling

Up my doorstep to smother me

I am a painter

A writer

A musician

All three?

Do I care enough about this world enough to try and preserve it?

I wish I could remember

To do all of the things

That keep or have kept my loved ones safe

My family and those around me that deserve it

Don't ride in cars, this spells torture

Be aware of health and laws

Don't Drink

Don't watch scary movies

Be cautious

Care for your animals

Don't be wasteful

Follow your New Year's Resolution

Quit smoking



Emily's book "Glass Slippers: A Journey of Mental Illness" is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble online, and at Lopez Bookshop (Lopez, WA).  Blogger at [Creativity, Spirituality, Mental Illness] @moonflickerstone