Cover Photo: Aventour in Azores by Marcelo Bettencourt

Aventour in Azores

The Aventour– Azores Adventures is a Tourism company, which operates in the sector of Tourism Adventure and Nature. It offers new experiences since 2000 in this lost paradise in the middle of the Atlantic. The Aventour has several organized programs on the island of San Jorge and some other islands of the Azores.
We are pioneer in this sector in the Azores. For this and for all these years of experience, we create quality products, always under the constant guidance of our guides and monitors. The well being as well as our sense of responsibility are the necessary ingredients to give you different holidays full of new experiences, away from the daily “stress” and wrapped in this “Magic Nature” that this island offers you.
we offer
 Experienced guides who know the needs of our customers, speak two or more languages and are always ready to provide a personalized service;;
Civil responsibility Insurance;
Activity insurance;
Modern and certified equipment;
 Carefully developed itineraries, which are researched, tested and organized to let you know about this island stunning scenery, and walks through the most beautiful trails, crossing rivers, hills, valleys and beautiful waterfalls and slopes. You can always count on safety and comfort in a perfect symbiosis between man and nature;
 19 years of experience.
São Jorge conta com 246,2 km2 de superfície, muita dela ainda selvagem ou pouco explorada. Detentora de uma aprazível cozinha típica e de um pôr-do-sol magnífico, tendo como pano de fundo as ilhas do Pico e do Faial. Pinta-se assim um espetáculo magnífico de cores deslumbrantes. Tudo isto está à sua disposição, para se delicie com as mais belas paisagens deste paraíso perdido no meio do Atlântico. Estes são apenas alguns exemplos do que lhe podemos oferecer.
our philosophy
The Aventour — Azores Adventures is a different form of vacations, addressed to those looking for adventure in contact with nature. Here you can find holidays programs different from the ordinary, designed for those who have a true spirit of adventure or intend to find it out. We exist to provide you a new experience and sensation in search of dreams and personal realization.
We offer you an active holiday to discover this paradise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, which one day someone baptized of Azores.

Our Activities