Cover Photo: "Frozen Pond" Taken by Emily Metcalf
"Frozen Pond" Taken by Emily Metcalf

A Creation Story

"In the beginning there was the Word. Microsoft Word."

In the beginning there was the Word. Microsoft Word. A page appeared, white and full of endless potential, calling out the names of the saints, the gods of old, and playing on the patterns of the universe. The word became flesh as emotions and syllables were spelled out upon its surface. Coils dreamed unfurled and expression became a solid. The word then transcended into a paper plane, soaring through the window of a young boy, sitting at his computer awaiting a notion. The notion came to him and he began to type out the sentences entrapped on the inner turnings of his heart. The boy listened to the blank white page and small etchings of magical black letters appeared before him on its surface. The word then transformed once again and was sent through time and space. An elderly woman touched a screen and before her came to life the solitary etchings of the little boy, all resounding from a single word. The beginning, the creation, then became complex, with many fingers stretching throughout the web of minds and digital numbers existing in space and time.

I sit here, pondering the beginning; the beginning where there only existed the Word. I enter in, and pour my heart strings upon the glowing surface of the word, and the word speaks through me and to me, describing so much that cannot be told. Yet the word prescribes me to tell of a place, a place not yet existing in space. The word’s offspring pour from my mind and through my fingertips, making gentle pickings on the keys of my computer. On the screen, on the surface of the word, thoughts conspire into sentences, consisting of verbs and nouns and pronouns, all describing the webs that have been created from a single beginning; a beginning that extends through time and so many languages.

In the end there was the Word. In the end the word wrapped around to touch itself, and the beginning was created once again. Eternity was then born from a single word, and this circular entity that escapes virtual time, beget form. Form begets form, and on this solid the world was created.

In the beginning there was the Word.

Emily's book "Glass Slippers: A Journey of Mental Illness" is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble online, and at Lopez Bookshop (Lopez, WA).  Blogger at [Creativity, Spirituality, Mental Illness] @moonflickerstone